• Kate Earle

What's In Our Toolkit

Confession: we geek out on new, bright and shiny ideas that we can add to our learning and design toolkit. And we get a kick out of sharing those juicy nuggets with others who might benefit.

Below are some recent additions you might enjoy.

  • Tiny Habits (BJ Fogg). Behavior can be daunting to influence. We find inspiration in how BJ "makes behavior tiny."

  • Institute for the Future. An insightful and provocative resource for seeing around corners. We rely on their Work + Learn Futures to help us stay tuned into the signals. And their Future Now blog is always provocative.

  • Thinkertoys (Michael Michalko). While technically this might not be "new" we still find it "bright and shiny." Recently, we resurrected this classic as our go-to-source for creative thinking techniques. The card deck is a great resource too.

  • The Overstory (Richard Powers). Sometimes the best insights come from seemingly unconnected places. This pulitzer-prize-winning novel has nothing to do with learning at work but it had a dramatic impact on how we think. Maybe that's why it struck us so hard and has stayed with us so deeply.

What's in your toolkit?

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