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We work hard at being great.

Our guiding principles.

In our work with teams, we're committed to five guiding principles.


These principles keep us on the path to greatness. 

Lifelong Learning

We believe learning never ends.


We are lifelong learners in pursuit of understanding how people learn, behave, adapt, and excel at work. We are honestly humble about what we don’t know and constantly curious about what’s possible.

Meet our founder.

We are proud to be a woman owned business.

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Kate Earle, PhD

Founder & Chief Learning Officer

Kate has a gift for assessing complex performance problems and creating pathways that drive results.

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Meet our experts.

Our human performance experts provide a diverse range of expertise helping teams thrive at work.

Dr. David Yozzi
Jenn Hooten
Elle Destree
Dr. Sudhir Venkatesh

How might we accelerate your business?

Philadelphia, PA


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