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We strive to make our clients happy and ensure our work positively impacts their people and business.

For over 25 years, our experts have been helping global companies unlock team performance by providing innovative solutions that leaders love and generate results.

Here are some recent examples.


In the face of an increasingly competitive market, innovation was needed from all team members. To unleash innovation, our experts have been running performance routines with team of sales leaders to help them sharpen their coaching capabilities. As a result, creative problem solving and collaborative decision making are on the rise.

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An executive leadership team had a proven track record for leading the business through large-scale transformations. As the pace of change slowed to a steady beat, they found themselves wondering "How are our people dealing with all this change?"


To answer this question, our team is conducting a series of performance routines to help the executives check their assumptions and commit to new ways of leading teams through change. As a result, team engagement and motivation are stronger than ever.

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A commercial team was known for having exceptional customer service but oftentimes their “niceness” got in the way of having difficult but necessary client conversations. 

Our experts partnered with their team to master difficult conversations. Working in three month routines, they learned how to talk with clients about difficult topics without compromising the quality of the relationship. As a result, trust and client retention soared and ​

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An internal consulting team was struggling to convey their value to stakeholders. Team members had strong personal reputations but as a team they were relatively unknown and were having difficulty aligning around a team brand and way of working.

Through working with our experts, they increased awareness of their services while building stronger team unity.  Our performance routines helped them navigate team challenges creatively, which positioned them as an indispensable business partner.

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